The Cosmopolitan 1153 is a 100,000 sq ft building with commercial space (office, retail) for rent or lease that is located at 1153 West Fayette, Syracuse, NY. The complex is a 3 acre parcel mid-way between "Tipp Hill" and Armory Square in Syracuse, NY and would be perfect for your event.

The location should also be considered for your restaurant/diner/sandwich shop.

Parking is not an issue at this location.

The Cosmopolitan 1153 is conveniently located less than 1 mile from Red House Arts Center in Armory Square, 5 minute drive to destiny, and about 1 mile from the Blarney Stone in Tipperary Hill.  

We are currently leasing commercial space and are flexible as to terms of agreement. We are open to client vision and will build to suit your needs. Our building has 12,000 sq feet per floor and was built to specifications for heavy industry. The ceilings are concrete, the floors are 6 inch wood "brick".  


We have several tenants and are very interested in adding to this list. There is much opportunity to customize the space and we are open to new ideas. 


In addition, we are exploring the residential component with intent of open concept, industrial feel, city lofts. The residential component will incorporate space with security and a central location. The vision for the building and property is mixed-use, residential and commercial and light industry.